I’m the mama to little Magnolia, who was born on November 20th 2006. I’m an English-American living in Boston, Massachusetts, London, England,  Chicago, Illinois, with my husband Noah.

I’m a bit of a dilettante at the moment… I love the arts—any and all of them, and am enjoying learning how to cook and create in the kitchen. This is a place to record the goods, and to document some of my favorite memories of my daughter and family, and life in London Chicago!

If  you have any questions, want to use any of my photos, or just to say hello, my email is barbarasmithwilke [at] gmail [dot] com

Have a great day! :)

{me. elsewhere.}

FLICKR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sugar_magnolia/

TUMBLR: http://fromgreenwich.tumblr.com/

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/BarbaraLSW

10 thoughts on “about

  1. Sorry to barge into your website, i was visiting for the mother’s day photo contest from 5 minutes for mom, and I have to say I LOVE your photographs. You are so talented. Random question… mind if i ask what type of camera and lens you use! Thanks for the info. Your family is beautiful and your site is great!
    sandy :)

  2. thanks for the barging! hehe I use my trusty canon rebel xti and try to shoot in natural light for the most part. it is serving me well, and gives me a bit more freedom to be creative than with my old point-and shoot.

  3. Magnolia is SUCH a beautiful name. That’s definitely going on my broody “Names for future offspring” list!

  4. This is what I love about blogging. We share a little about ourselves and we receive so much in return. Thank you for visiting For Haven’s Sake. I’m so glad your kind comment led me back to you and a peek inside your life. I’ll be stopping by more often!

  5. Hi Barbara! Thanks for visiting my blog. I LOVE that header with the stones and feet! Did you take that? Your photography is great on the rest of your site too!

  6. Hi Barbara,

    You may remember me from my other blog but I’m now at WordPress too.

    I am following you in my “reader” now and happy to see your photography regularly.

    I hope you will a look at my latest endeavor.

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