keeping cozy


The name of the game? Keep warm and stay sane!   Scraps of recycled felt from last years christmas presents (hot water bottle cozies, coffee mug sleeves, etc.) are being turned into new household decor.  Our old ikea footstool was really starting show it’s age.  I pieced together a free form patchwork sweater cover, and now it looks mighty spiffy.
My craftsmanship for projects has always been somewhat…. rustic. (just ask my high school art teacher). But hey, it still looks better than the before:
and most importantly, Maggie and her little friends approve.



3 thoughts on “keeping cozy

  1. your sewing project turned out quite nice barbara, keep stiching your in for a long cooold winter!

  2. I love that, what a great idea! (And I have bags of wool sweaters that need a project, too.) But that’s for January… Also? Jealous of your snow. Lovely to meet you via blogland and I look forward to reading more! xo Amy

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