Maggie has been talking, dreaming, and scheming about all things frosty and snowy lately.  It’s a good thing we live in a city where snow is a guarantee (though it does make it a pain to walk to dance class at 5pm– so dark! so cold! so icy!).  Even with a just tiny apartment yard in an alley, a lot of fun can be had.  Maggie saw these styrofoam balls at the dollar store and insisted we make a SnowFamily out of them.  They live in a snow house, complete with a christmas tree and an iceplace  to keep them cold if it starts to get too warm outside :)



But a little styrofoam SnowFamily was not going to cut it for this girl. Luckily, there was plenty of snow on the ground today. So with Daddy’s help, it was time to make the real deal.

time to make a snowman!!IMG_1989IMG_1992*


She was a little disappointed when he didn’t come to life when she put the hat on him, so we made up for it my dancing around him and singing Frosty the Snowman, approximately the lyrics (” Frosty the snowman was a happy, uhh, la la la, with a corn cob pipe and a carrot? nose, and two eyes made out of pennies!! “) Maggie loves Frosty. They’ve even had a tea party. :)


2 thoughts on “frosty

  1. Awww CUUTEEE! I think I would be in such better spirits if we had some snow on the ground and I could spend my days having tea with Frosty.

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