halloween preparations


Maggie and I have been having fun preparing for Halloween.  Such a goofy holiday.  I like the socialist undertones of it all, I have to say… if only we could get people to chip in for healthcare like we do for candy! The irony.  But, I’ll save that kind of talk for the pundits! Let’s get back to pumpkins, ghouls and high fructose corn syrup…


that's a lollypoppumpkin funbeware the bathroomIMG_0671

{watch out for this guy, he moves around a lot.}

So far, we have decorated our windows (Maggie’s request) with paper ghosts and bats.  We have painted and markered many pumpkins.  We have not one, but two Halloween costumes.  Candy has been purchased (I made sure to get a bag of Lindt truffles for me and Noah. Mostly for me).  Goody bags have been made for Noah’s music students (complete with a tricky plastic critter hiding amongst the candy!).  All that’s left is to carve some actual pumpkins, sit back and watch some creepy movies (so many on TV this week!), wait for Grandma to arrive on Saturday (can’t wait!!), and go trick’or treating on Sunday.

maggie's jack'o lanterns

What’s also great about this holiday is the lack of stress involved.  With no elaborate plans or meals needing to be made, you can just enjoy the magic of it all.  It’s a good warm-up for the Big Holidays of November and December… which I have to say ARE my favorite (no pain, no gain?)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek of our not-so-Haunted House!



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