portrait of a Tudor lady.

portrait: princess elizabeth I

Maggie has been having fun today dressing up as Princess Elizabeth I.  We were out doing some warm weather shopping, and stopped into a TJMaxx to use a gift card.  I was planning on getting a sweater, but we ended up leaving with this instead.  I think it was a wise decision.

drawing princess elizabeth I

Maggie asked me about the dress, I told her it was very similar to the Tudor style of clothes.  We did some googling and found that picture of  Queen Elizabeth I as a girl, with a very similar gown. We had a lot of fun drawing her!
princess elizabeth I

In London we visited Tudor Galleries at the wonderful National Portrait Gallery (right next to the National Gallery).  They have an online gallery here, were you can see a lot of great Tudor Portraits.  The styling and details are exquisite and moody. Just like Henry VIII!  Last summer, we visited one of the Tudor palaces, Hampton Court. And when we lived in Greenwich, the park was one of our favorite places to spend our days, where about 500 years ago, a young Elizabeth also spent her days.  There are even mighty oaks still there that saw it all go down.  So, I’m a bit attached to the Tudors and their legacy.  Their affects on culture and society are still felt today.  I am loving getting to explore this stuff with my princess-loving little girl. Now… I just need to get a copy of the Showtime series The Tudors for Maggie to watch……… just kidding =D


3 thoughts on “portrait of a Tudor lady.

  1. There’s a great book my daughter and I explored. It’s called: Raucous Royals. It might be a little old for Maggie, but it was so fun! BTW, her drawing is quite amazing for her age.

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