let the birds sing

let the birds sing
My mom grew up in a house of 10 people. They were a very creative family, often turning simple house-hold items into games and crafts. My grandma showed me how to make these when I was a girl. So creative, so simple.

We always had fun at her old four-square house in Columbus, Ohio. We’d visit the Ohio State Fair, wander OSU campus (even meeting the football players one year!), eat copious amounts of pizza, play poker, dig around for buried treasure in the back yard, and eat toad’n’holes. No matter how long our visit was, it was never long enough.  It’s always hard to leave Grandma’s house. And her presence his definitely still missed.
Maggie and I got to work making these little bird feeders this morning. We saved up our toilet paper rolls, got a jar of peanut butter, a bag of birdseed, some twine, and got to work.   First tie a length of twine through the paper roll, then spread peanut butter over all of it, roll in birdseed, and you’re done! Find a good spot to hang it, and wait for the birds to enjoy their little snack.
let the birds sing

Maggie would have loved her Great-Grandma.


3 thoughts on “let the birds sing

  1. Oh how Magnolia’s great grandma would be lovin’ on her! This grandma loves her dearly and i am glad you enjoyed your visits to grandma’s house. xo mom

  2. What a great idea! My grandmother had a huge influence on my life as well, she raised six kids and kept her house beautiful and cozy and she made it all look so easy. I wish my kids were given the chance to be blessed by her presence but they, as well as Maggie, have the opportunity to feel their love through us. Life does go full circle. Thanks for sharing!

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