hearts & crafts

V-Day crafting <3


valentine’s day is a sweet holiday. i know it get’s a lot of flack for being created by hallmark or the chocolate companies or whatever, but i think it’s actually pretty wonderful to have a simple little day dedicated to love in the middle of winter. i’m all about happy little reminders. and celebrating things with chocolate and paper goods :) so maggie and i started off our morning with some crafting.

  • we made valentines cards out of some leftover christmas cards i had picked up a few years ago (“this one’s for mommy, this one’s for daddy!” above); maggie had a lot of fun using water colors on the inside, and cutting and sticking on the front. (she is having a blast with her new ability to use scissors!!)
  • we made simple heart garland out of construction paper and twine
  • and we made some extra special valentines that got put in the mail today– will have to post those next week!

hearts for a grey day
another happy little reminder in the middle of winter are the popular paperwhites. fresh and bright on a grey day… these little ladies can bring a world of cheer indoors, and can serve as a gentle reminder that spring will of course come! today is my dear friend Carla’s birthday (happy birthday!!!!), as well as my mom’s sister and my namesake, Aunt Barbara. How I wish I could have met her…

anyway, I painted this for Carla… I’ll give it to her tomorrow when we go for food and karaoke! I hope she likes it… if not  I’ll just have to make it up to her in song, and it’s Beatle’s night…. so it could get interesting ;)

For Carla: Paper-whites
I think next week we are going to have a go at sugar-free chocolate covered cherries! The gooey corn-syrupy ones were my favorite as a kid… hopefully I can come up with something that can compare.

Any big plans for valentine’s day for you and yours??



8 thoughts on “hearts & crafts

  1. You have inspired me.
    I make this week a heart garland.
    Beautiful painting! …The earth is waiting until the winter is over and is ready to grow again. …. but what will grow? … insect-eating plants? (my weird imagination)

    :) Patricia

  2. How funny…we’re listening to the Beatles right now. “Lucy” selected by our daughter. I like how you framed Valentines Day as a day of love in the middle of winter and I look forward to hearing about those cherries, as that was my Grandpa’s favorite, and one of those sounds like it would really hit the spot right now.

  3. We’ll be making cards and cupcakes for school – I love your heart garland – sweet! and I can’t wait to see the chocolate covered cherries – they’re the Man’s favorites…

  4. Great photos! Thanks for stopping by my place the other day! I guess I’d better get my butt in gear for Valentine’s Day, huh?

  5. Beautiful photos, as always! I’ve been forgetting about Valentine’s Day. Thanks for the reminder. This will be just the thing to do on a not-really-sick-anymore-but-not-all-the-way-better-yet day like tomorrow.

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