sesame sweets.

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sesame sweets

This is a popular sweet treat in many parts of the world.  There are many variations on it, but the basic version is just honey + sesame seeds.

these are so simple to make, and there is something so very satisfying about making your own candy.

Bring  1 1/4 cups honey to a boil on the hob.  When it gets to a soft ball stage, pour in 2 cups of sesame seeds and stir.  Spread on to a piece of parchment paper, and let cool a bit.  You can then form it into bite-sized pieces, or let cool further and cut into squares.

honey sesame candy


8 thoughts on “sesame sweets.

  1. That looks so delicious. Will definitely make it with the girls. I can’t believe you are finding time to make candy what with the moving.

  2. I love sesame sweets and I have my own honey from our bees to try this, but I hesitate, because the medicinal properties of honey are altered if it is heated, especially to boiling–so I’m thinking I would use store bought honey instead.

  3. susan– I made these before we moved to my aunts and uncles :) but I have been baking a lot since we’ve been here— but rather unhealthy things like double chocolate cookies, flapjacks and rice crispy treats haha.

    Kristin– yeah I wouldn’t use your own honey for this– but lucky you that you have your own honey!! yum.

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