last days in greenwich.

last days in greenwich.
well, come 11am tomorrow we’re outta here. that is, if the estate agents have collect the keys on time. they don’t have the best track record in the organizational department.  I’m still in shock that a whole year has passed since we moved in.
the last few days have been a blur of packing, coloring, painting, cleaning, using up food (frantic! experimental! baking!), visits to the post office…. general moving mayhem.

my uncle and aunt were so generous in helping us move all of our things out yesterday, and were kind enough to say they enjoyed the very random red velvet cake of sorts I made out of the last of my pantry items– half a jar of green & black cocoa powder, half a jar of strawberry jam, 3 eggs, some baking powder, the last of my vanilla and honey, and red food coloring! a very interesting, but delicious red velvet cake.

she drew mommy and daddy.
flourless chocolate cakes
we also enjoyed real food at the buenos aires cafe in our neighborhood after all the heavy lifting was done (thanks uncle kelvin!).  this was definitely one of my favorite spots in greenwich– very cozy with old leather sofas, delicious coffees, brioches and flapjacks.   It will be sad not having it just around the corner.

greenwich parkgreenwich park

But, I will definitely miss Greenwich Park the most.  In all seasons, this is just a stunning park to visit.  Never as crowded as any of the central London parks on any given day, but enough locals and tourists to provide plenty of people-watching opportunities :)

We’ve made a lot of memories in this park… maggie chasing pigeons, stripping down to her diaper, picking up dog poop (not all at once) and eating countless picnics courtesy of marks and spencers.greenwich park
sweet chestnut
hawthorne berrieslast days in greenwich
I did a wild food walk here last month, so today, after  going to the market, and goofing around a bit, I showed noah and maggie some of the wild edibles right in the park– wild rose hips, chestnuts, hawthorn berries, elderberries, beech nuts.   And Maggie and I each found a big shiny buckeye …. for good luck.

Well, there’s still some floors to be vacuumed  (goodbye pink wall-to-wall carpeting! you, I will not miss.) …And some linoleum to be mopped. So, I best be off… on to the next chapter… tra-la-la………

From Greenwich, with love.


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