making crayons in the kitchen

making crayons
So this is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but I thought I’d share it anyways. Perfect for all the broken crayons lying around the house and the dinky ones you get at restaurants.
3 Steps To New Crayons:

  1. Break up old crayons in to a baking tin or cup cake mold (you might want to use an old one, as the wax can be tricky to get out)
  2. Melt in a warm oven, takes about 8 minutes
  3. Let harden, and pop them babies out.

making crayonsmaking crayons

This is great way for kids to explore color theory and to experiment with mixing shades and hues.  You could even get really wild and crazy and add some essential oils to make scented crayons.  Wild thyme and tumeric crayons, with a side of truffled chalk anyone?
homemade crayons


5 thoughts on “making crayons in the kitchen

  1. Your photos are beautiful, I really love the last one! : )
    We have done this project in the past for presents, I love the way the crayons meld together forming beautiful swirls of color!

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