Everything Crackers.

These almond flour crackers are inspired by the everything bagels– you know, the best ones, with onion, poppy seeds, & sesame seeds.  Elizabeth, Karina & Elana, who all have similar versions.  I made up my recipe as I went a long, so if you’re looking for a recipe, click on their names.  They are pretty simple, but delicate.  I made mine without egg and rolled the dough very thin to keep it extra crispy.

The basics are ground nuts, grated or finely diced  onion and garlic, poppyseeds, sesame seeds, oil, salt and pepper. Mix all the ingredients til they are bread crumb like consistency, then roll out between parchment paper slice, bake on parchment paper or silpat for 10-20 minutes @ 350F/175C or until golden brown.


2 thoughts on “Everything Crackers.

  1. i want a box of your crackers barbara! they look really good, and of course magnolia looks lovely as always! xo

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