the colors of england

sheep may safely graze
1078skipping stones
golden furze and the sea

red and white might be the nation’s colors…. but green, grey and blue are what come to my mind when thinking of the landscape. okay, maybe a little golden sunshine here and there…(but not too much ;)


9 thoughts on “the colors of england

  1. Beautiful photos–I love the silvery gray of them–especially the long beach with silhouettes.

    Love the first one–a father’s enduring love and support juxtaposed with the enduring and strong stone henge.

  2. that first picture takes my breath away!!!! way back when i had babies, martha stewart’s baby magazine included an article about photographing children. one of the shots was a little, cable knit sweater clad boy running towards stonehenge. b&w and gorgeous. made me want to take a trip across the big pond just to take pictures.

    thank you for your comment on my last post. you asked about the chicken – here’s the recipe i used:

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