east enders

so I haven’t found an appreciation for the show….. but I really enjoyed wandering around the east end with Maggie on saturday while Noah did a choral workshop.  I was able to hear his piece performed, and it  was beautiful… After doing a little browsing on Brick Lane, Maggie and I also went the Geffrye Museum in shoreditch– an interiors museum.  Fun!  she really liked that they had a place for her to color, most of the museums in London are really quite kid-friendly, I love this.  Warning, brick lane appears to be the Hipster capital of London.  Only bad part about this is I felt constantly frumpy in my practical shoes and comfortable jeans, surrounded by people in head-to-toe vintage (complete with hair straight out of Hairspray on some!!)…. sigh.  I really loved the energetic vibe, and the great music shop Rough Trade, where I picked out an early birthday gift for myself :)  I could have easily stayed in there for hours (sans Maggie) and I would definitely come back to this part of town again.

rootmaster cafe, east end

brick lane, east end

brick lane, east end

muffins in the east end

east end

I want that TV, Geffrye museum

geffrye museum

weird happenings at a church in shoreditch



rough trade, brick lane

colonel mustard

wilkes street


8 thoughts on “east enders

  1. They show Eastenders late at night on our local PBS station here – I’ve seen it a few times – I hear some people get quite addicted to it…

    Your Eastender photos are lovely!

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