homemade donuts – something sweet

homemade donuts
homemade donuts made with leftover pizza dough. I must give credit to my two favorite tv chefs, Jamie Oliver and Giada De Laurentiis.

 I followed this recipe for the dough, (which made awesome pizza last night) substituting a mixture of wholemeal spelt and plainflour for the white flour.  I looooove his show Jamie at Home, where he cooks fresh food from his garden in England, and features an ingredient each episode.  The show definitely makes the whole process of eating what you grow at home more realistic–something Noah and I really want to do some day, but the thought of actually accomplishing it can be intimidating. (so thanks for the encouragement, Jamie!)

The first episode I ever saw of Everyday Italian years ago, Giada made simple donuts out of pizza dough.  I know I ‘m a dork, but that show really inspired me to try cooking and baking–she made it look so elegant, yet authentic at the same time. instructions for making donuts here.  (so thoughtful of you to share, Giada!) ;)

I topped mine with a mixture of cinnamon/nutmeg/brown sugar, and even glazed a few with icing sugar and oat cream.  I also suggest pretending while you eat them that they are even somewhat healthy because of the wholemeal and the homemade factor.  But of course, anything deep fried in two inches of hot oil is not anywhere close to being healthy… I’m sure they were still healthier than krispy kremes?? Oh, well….they were delicous. And Maggie and Noah approved, so all is well.

these photos have nothing to do with donuts….but she is sweet, soft and yummy :)


8 thoughts on “homemade donuts – something sweet

  1. I am a Jamie fan too. I loved his first series! He was my TV boyfriend in those days. I haven’t been watching as much of Jamie at Home, but I will give it another go as I’m also working on growing my own food. Sounds like he’s giving some good tips for growing and eating from the garden. I’m excited for my winter plant purchases to arrive this spring. Hopefully, we’ll be knee deep in blueberries and potatoes this summer. :) Lovely pics of your sweet girl.

  2. i love jamie, too!

    i have a fear of hot oil that keeps me from trying to make these. i have been splattered one too many times! i need a deep fat fryer.

  3. Hi,
    Followed from Camp Creek blog, and just wanted to say your donuts look delicious. I’ve never tried making donuts, but I’m resisting the urge to dash into the kitchen now, lol!

  4. Ooh, they look lovely. I might have to give them a go. Saw your comment on Design Sponge about London and so agree with you about Daylesford Organic. I haven’t been to the Pimlico shop but love their farmshop in the Cotswolds.

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