happy saturday


happy saturday, originally uploaded by –Barbara–.

so grateful for the sun and the warmer weather today. still a bit chilly out, but felt like a glimpse of spring. looking forward to spending days in greenwich park… reading, playing,exploring, relaxing. until then, we will read inside, color a lot, dance to the radio, and watch the moomins . oh, and lots of play-doh and “cooking”–two of maggie’s favorite activities at the moment. will be doing some rearranging to give maggie more space to play and create, am really encouraged by her interest in ducks and bees right now– a great place to start our project-based learning, I think. Magnolia is becoming quite the avid little drawer and color, and likes to put her artwork up on the wall. Her favorite things to draw, or what she requests me to draw for her are babies and daddy. :)

new markers - a good feeling

it is rare that noah is home on a saturday, so I’m going to get back to enjoying my family and this much needed down time and “together” time.


2 thoughts on “happy saturday

  1. she is a sweetie…. there have been day-long photosessions, I have to admit. :) My hard-drive needs some serious editing too. Even the bad pics of her are hard to delete! ah, whats a mother to do….

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