the amazing adventures of an unkown artist


My brother is an awesome artist and photographer.  An all-around clever guy.  Really funny too…. trust me.   He just e-mailed me this book he made on Blurb, and it is also very awesome. 




5 thoughts on “the amazing adventures of an unkown artist

  1. Barbara

    I do so love your pics of your darling little girl and reading of all your adventures/stories across the ocean both here and on facebook.

    It seems as if you live in a really serene and calm world – I may be wrong of course or maybe it’s the pictures but I love the sense of genuineness I feel when reading your blogs and enjoying your pics. It’s a good feeling – Hope all is well and not some crazy psycho life masked by fantastic writings and incredible pictures…..haha

  2. aw, Amy, you are too sweet! :) Things are well over here!! Life does get crazy at times, mostly because we live in a 300 sq. ft apartment with a two year old (read: clutter and mess and stepping on lots of toys)!! But, I am incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful family, and wonderful city to exlpore. (when it’s not cold grey and rainy!!) That’s enough to keep me sane. lol :)

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