A busy Halloween weekend.

at waterstone's for story time. did not want daddy to go to school.rarr!!!

a play – by – play:

We kicked off friday with a rush to make a costume for spooky storytime at Waterstone’s bookstore in Greenwich. We had one hour to cut up Noah’s socks, sew em’ into ears, and attach them to a hoodie. This became a cat costume with with the addition of drawn on whiskers and pink nose (watercolor paint!). Maggie sat through 3 stories, then it was time to get some brunch– toffee popcorn and juicy apples, enjoyed outside of Noah’s school–at King Charles’ Court. We made our way home for some lunch, hide and seek, and a nap. When Noah got in, we watched “Boo, made you jump!”, a Charlie and Lola episode. We read the book version of it that we found at Waterstone’s. Noah and I watched The Good Night, which I fell asleep to. Still need to see the rest of it, but it looked pretty good from what I saw.

Saturday, Noah was out all day finishing a composition project, and when he came home we watched The Great Pumpkin with Maggie on Youtube. I forgot how good those Peanuts movies are.
a wee little mushroom
Sunday was eventful with a trip into Central London to visit the Science Museum. Unfortunately, our most direct route on the Tube was closed, so we had to make a lot of connections. And a lot of taking the stroller up and down stairs. Once we were there, however, it was definitely worth it. Noah and I both have a big soft spot for science museums, and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Maggie also loved it. They have a great section in the basement for young children called The Garden. Lots of hands-on experimental stations and toys. Her favorite was the really large blocks room. She was squealing when she could make something really big and tall fall over. She also built a sort of bike or sit-on toy and enjoyed pretending with that. Noah’s favorite was the rocket engines. No surprise there. I really liked the collection of Enlightenment instruments on display. Technology was so elegant then. There is a big section called The Launchpad. This is the hands-on area for older children and adults. Maggie really liked playing with the magnetic disc sculptures. Noah was like a kid in a candy store :) I liked this crazy contraption, where you put a straw on a small horizontal pole, bit down on it, plugged your ears, and heard music inside your head. We stayed the museum for about 4 hours, until closing… definitely only made a dent in it, and we will go back another time. I am so grateful the majority of the museum’s here are free; learning and exploration are so available to the public. It’s fantastic.
happy halloween
A great weekend, indeed.  Now, on with the week!!

Next weekend: Bonfire day celebrations!!


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