And…………we’re here.

the United Kingdom

Finally!  After all the paper work, all the phone calls, farewells… and the blood, sweat and tears… we made it!  We arrived in England Monday morning, all in one piece.  Getting all of our stuff in two 3 suitcases and one guitar bag was certainly a test of wills and a challenge to see how minimalist we really could try to be for one year. 

ready, steady...

  Needless to say, we are having some things shipped to us (books, boots, and some of Maggie’s toys.)  The flight was long and tiring, and Maggie was not a huge fan, but that is so over, thank goodness.

 a long flight

We are still recovering from jet lag, but have felt at home at my Uncle Kelvin and Aunt carol’s house in Pinner (just outside of London).  The air here is so crisp and invigorating.  My dad says it’s 94 degrees F in Rockford right now.  I am not jealous.  Pinner

This week is all about adjusting and preparing for the move to Greenwich on Monday.  Noah will start orientation, and we will begin to get to know our new neighborhood.  And now… I need to rest or else I’ll be in a permanent state of jet lag. Goodnight!!

Anglican church, Pinner.


2 thoughts on “And…………we’re here.

  1. Oh I am SO jealous.I miss my homeland!1
    I love the pic of your babe sleeping on the plane oblivious to everything going on around her:0)
    I lived in London for over ten years,although up in Hampstead.If you ever go,visit the heath and the freemason’s pub!

  2. That photo was taken after nearly 2 hours of straight crying!! so glad that is just a memory now.
    :) Hampstead is up near where my family lives… I am definitley in love with this country!

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