Free Trade for you Rockford Folk

Well, I have been awol for a bit… blog-wise, that is.  This spring weather has just been too nice.  We have been getting outside a lot, planning for a possible move, playing tennis, and helping Noah’s sister Mya move into her new, gorgeous apartment.  We will know more details soon, but it looks like we will be living in London come mid-August. So exciting!  Noah accepted his offer at Trinity College of Music, Greenwich, and is very excited to be getting a masters degree from such a challenging and prestigious institution.  I am excited to explore London again, spend time with my father’s family, and show Maggie another side of her history. Yay!  


Fair Trade Coffee @ JustGoods

Anyway, I took some photos for the local fair trade store JustGoods, today.  It was my first time being in the store, and I was taking pics so they can make a brochure to get more people interested in the cool stuff going on there. Our downtown is notorious for being a drag, even though there are people trying to get stuff going.  I’m guessing most of Rockford doesn’t even know what’s going on down town.  I didn’t even know this place existed!


But it does. There is space to rent for small events and meetings, and also gallery space for local artists.  The fair trade coffee display was making me drool, and they also have free samples of coffee & tea.  Always a plus.  It looks like a great place to find a unique gift, or a special item to decorate your house (or your body!).  The textiles were also gorgeous.  So, go check it out!!




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