St. George’s Day

st. george's day feast
Well, today is a holiday that doesn’t get celebrated very often.  And apparently, St. George has been fictionalized a bit.  (you mean he didn’t really slay dragons??) But, I like excuses to celebrate, and so we did. Fresh bread with goat cheese and fig, radishes and strawberries (in honor of the flag with the same colors), and of course some IPA, which, as legend says, was created in Britain in effort to sustain long voyages to India.  We also made a flag with white paper and a red crayon, because really, that is like the easiest flag to make, and why not?

 goat cheese & figs
In honor of the patron saint georgie, here’s a sweet little prayer that sums up days like today, and is a pretty good motto for life:

Give us, Lord, a bit o’ sun
A bit o’ work an’ a bit o’ fun
Give us all in t’ struggle an’ splutter,
Our daily bread an’ a bit o’ butter.

Give us health, our keep to make,
An’ a bit to spare for poor folk’s sake.
Give us sense (there’s some of us duffers),
An’ a heart to feel for all that suffers.

Give us, too, a bit of a song,
An’ a tale an’ a book to help us along.
An’ give us our share o’ sorrow’s lesson,
That we may prove how grief’s a blessin’.

Give us, Lord, a chance to be
Our very best; brave, wise an’ free.
Our very best for oursels an’ others,
Till all men learn to live as brothers.

 cross of saint george beet

 st. george's day feast


4 thoughts on “St. George’s Day

  1. Bread, goat cheese, fig, olives, radishes, beer!
    I’m down with this holiday. Love your photos but that last one just captures celebration. Cheers, Tracey

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Maybe Freddie would like the radishes with a little butter and salt on them? That is my favorite way, though it can be a little decadent!!

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