17 months old!

 all things grow with love

My sweet little Magnolia is 17 months old today! And what a little girl she is becoming.  She has become really fond of dolls and “babies” recently.  Also very passionate about clothing with buttons, and putting on as much clothing as possible. Very precious.  She loves climbing up stairs & sliding down them on her tummy, socializing and showing off her belly button.  If you’re not careful, she’ll “boink” your nose!! She is also loving stones and running around outside at any chance she gets, now that the weather is nice.  Her short but sweet collection of english words are: mama, dada, water (“wah”), ball, round, doll, bye bye.  And I’m convinced she’s speaking sonnets in her own language.  Give her the phone and she will chat your ear off, which she does often, when we call Grandma in Portland.  She loves broccoli, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, smoothies, beans, oats, rice, baked goodies, & mama’s milk.  She loves music: dancing to it, la-la-ing along, and keeping time with a solid foot stomp.   Looking forward to see what’s up next for our little one… !

17 months old


4 thoughts on “17 months old!

  1. My lovely little grandbaby Maggie is getting so big, I love you darling. I Love and miss you tons!!!”

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