Well, Maggie is certainly reaching a new phase in her development. She has a very strong-willed and independant spirit. It has been great to see this new level of her personailty develop, along with a burst in language (mamama, dada, bye, no, yeh, and lots of “fake words”) and social skills (figuring out sharing- by herself! playing ball, giving hugs and kisses). It is also testing my patience on occasion, the strong-willed part, but really, it is a wonderful thing.
adventures in dress-making begin
I’ve been pretty busy this week reading, researching, and brainstorming…. but also got time to work on a dress for Noah’s sister, Mya. Pretty excited about that. We picked a really cute print, and it will be simple farmer style/worker dress for spring and summer.
Well, I don’t have a whole lot to say or share right now, but I am trying to stay disciplined in updating!

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  1. I love these shot! Great peeks into your life. :)

    I love the toddler struggle for autonomy – it is frustrating and fascinating all at the same time. It sounds like you have a great attitude about it and I think that plays a huge role.

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