One of those weeks.

madison, wi

noah and ben


Well, it’s been pretty busy around these parts.  Friends in town from the east coast, a road trip to Madison, cooking, cleaning, my birthday, eating out, celebrating, lots of “ice cream” pie, a bit too much drink (but just a bit), music, shopping, socializing, a car break in!, an energetic toddler who is very passionate about learning to walk down steps…. yeah, it’s been a bit intense. But, a really good time, over all.  It really is great catching up with old friends.

birthday pie


And then there has been this flirtatious weather…. oh my. I don’t remember ever being this excited about spring! Maggie can feel it too  On more than one occasion, she has tried to put her shoes on, and has stood by the patio doors and tried to get out.  So we go out there, and she plays with melted snow… and tries to climb the patio stairs.  But it really is nice to feel the sunshine on my shoulders (john denver anyone??).


Today is a day to re-cooperate, to enjoy my lovely birthday gifts (thanks, mom!!), do some reading, maybe even a little knitting, enjoying my family. And what I’m really looking forward to, and what I have been craving ever since my third trimester nearly two years ago, is a 90-minute deep tissue massage, compliments of my mom, who knows me so well.


5 thoughts on “One of those weeks.

  1. Happy Birthday! Yay! Looks like you have some fun knitting in your future…and a massage? Sounds wonderful…

    I love the last photo…your tights and shoes are the most adorable ever. I should dare to wear something like that. :) Especially if I have an adorable little girl to dress up with!

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