Drink yo’ Greens!

This is a super easy and delicious way to start your day. Baby spinach is the suprising star of this drink. Make sure it’s fresh and organic, and it wont taste bitter at all when blended with frozen peaches and pineapple juice. Add a little cinnamon and vanilla, and you’ll swear you’re drinking a marshmallow. This is a great way for little ones to get more green in their diet too.



**a note on blenders. A lot of smoothie fanatics swear you can’t make a good smoothie unless you invest in a 300$ + vitamix or breville. This simply isn’t true. While those are awesome blenders and do just about anything, I use an oster and it works excellently- no chunky bits or anything!

Also, this smoothie separates quickly (the froth floats to the top).  If this bothers you, add a banana, or just drink it quickly, you’ll want to anyway, it’s so good!




4 thoughts on “Drink yo’ Greens!

  1. Hi – I wanted to thank you for leaving a note on my BabyCenter site. I have learned a lot about AP since my post – and part of it is that I had misconceptions about it. I realize that I’m even more AP than I realized – except for the bed time deal. Anyway, your book suggestion was greatly appreciated, and thank you for not only having a different opinion than mine, but showing it gracefully. It goes so much further in my opinion. Again, thank you! And your food looks delicious!

  2. Hello, thanks for visiting our blog. I just scrolled down and saw you make green smoothies too. I blogged about it too but mine are a little different each time I make them. Today we had OJ, spinach, lots of frozen bananas and fresh strawberries and I think it was one of my best concoctions so far.

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