Belleville Rendezvous

Well, if you can’t tell I’m a bit of a Francophile…..

This is a clip from the Triplets of Belleville, a great animated film/musical.. I definitely recommend seeing it if you can get your hands on it. 


3 thoughts on “Belleville Rendezvous

  1. I love this film!

    If you want to listen to an excellent French radio station that plays very diverse but good music (although not all of it is in French) check out Radio France FIP. This is my fav station. You can listen to good French music next to opera next to rap next to folk. It rocks.

    Click on En Direct and then where it says Ecouter with the arrow. :)

  2. Hi Barbara.

    I loved the the “Triplettes”! Got the DVD as soon as it came out. And I agree, FIP is the best radio station in France. I didn’t know you could listen live online too!

    I stopped by because I thought you might like to know about, the only social network for francophiles.

    We launched a year ago, and this year we’re going to add a marketplace where you can get your fill of French stuff. We’re a tiny startup operating on a shoestring budget, and depending on francophile bloggers like you to help get the word out.

    Hope you and your readers will stop by and join us! And please help spread the word!

    Merci et à bientôt.

    Pamela Poole (LaGoulue)

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