Carla Bruni



2 thoughts on “Carla Bruni

  1. I really liked Carl Bruni when I first moved to France…it is too bad that she just married our jerk of a right wing president. I guess I can still listen to her… :)

    Have you heard of Yael Naim? You are going to love her! I guess they have been using her big hit “New Soul” for an Apple ad in the states but I have been listening to her since her album came out. A beautiful voice and great compositions. I’ll see if I can think of some other French music for you.

  2. Hello, Sarah!
    Oh wow, I did not know that about her! That is kind of crazy.
    I have heard Yael…. and I love her! Apple has a way of making musicians famous really fast over here.
    My other favorite is Pauline Croze, are you familiar with her?

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