picking up where i left off…

Well, it’s definitely fall out. Thank god.  It took long enough though, that’s for sure. 85 degrees in October? Not used to that.  But now the weather has settled into a comfortable, but somewhat dreary, rainy-and-in-the-sixties/fifties pattern. 

So, when I last wrote here, it was summer.  It was a nice summer, but very different than others I was used to.   It was great spending time with my Mom, before she up and moved to Portland.  But Noah was very busy working long days at an iron mill, so it when my mom wasn’t around things were pretty low-key for the most part.  We were able to spend more a bit more time with Noah’s parents and his sister Mya, who are also in town, so that was nice. 

We made it out to Boston in July for Noah’s sister Kira’s wedding.  She was a gorgeous bride in a gorgeous setting–an old Unitarian church from like the 1600’s in the heart of Cambridge. The reception was great too, lots of family, yummy Indian food, and fun skit-like dances performed by Mustu’s friends (a tradition at Indian ceremonies). It was a bit emotional to be back in the city where I lived for a year and a half, and to be there for only 3 days was a bit of a trip, but I’m sure we’ll go back some time when  Maggie is older, show her where she was born and her first home, etc.

Noah has been working on graduate school compositions for admission  on top of teaching guitar lessons privately and at the local college, so we haven’t had a whole lot of family time lately, but that will change come mid-December when we take a month long visit to see my mom in Portland.  Definitely looking forward to seeing her, and exploring, from what I hear, a really neat city.


And as for Maggie, she is growing beautifully. Long, and lean, with a very cheeky grin. 5 teeth with another popping through soon. She is a ferrocious crawler, cruiser and climber, the occasional stander, and very giggly. She talks a lot of jibberish. She has started to enjoy looking at books a lot more and just generally making mischeif of whatever she can :) She will be 11 months old this week, and I can hardly believe it, I think I will always be amazed and in love with her growing, just like any mother. 


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