Half a year? Already?

Wow…. time sure flies when you’re having fun. And not getting as much sleep as one is accustomed to :-)

Magnolia is 6 months old today, and I looove being her mama. She has been crawling around for the past month, and much to our suprise, has recently begun to STAND. That’s right, STANDING. On just TWO LEGS. I’m afraid she might be one of those early walkers…. which means we will be baby-proofing EVERYTHING soon. Yikes.

My breastmilk is her prime source of nutrition as we are doing the whole child-lead approach to things. She has snacked on some pea pods, celery, grapes (in one of those mesh food-holders) and an apple so far. She definitely loved the apple a bit too much (sugar!) and was none too pleased when we took it away. Very cute.

She is giggling, screaching, and coming up with a number of different sound combinations… she has recently started to make “Mmm” and “ahmm” sounds… so I’m starting to look forward to the day when she calls me Mama :)

These past six months have been the most challenging, and rewarding months of my life… I am so thankful to have such a wonderful new person to learn from and love on.

Happy 1/2 birthday, my darling Magnolia!!


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