rock n’ roll

, originally uploaded by Barbara Lee.

Maggie has become such a curious baby… she tries to get her hands on (and her mouth around) just about anything in sight. She has started the early steps of crawling, but has found that rolling and reaching can work just fine as well. She loooves to “play” Daddy’s guitar, and has grown quite attatched to my cell phone (suprise, suprise). It is so amazing watching her personality develop.

We have decided that in June, we will be moving back to our hometown, to save money and be with friends and family. One of my best friends had a baby last month, and I want to meet her daughter so bad! I also want to be able to have someone to share early-motherhood with.

There are a lot of things I will miss about Boston, but I think it is the right decision for us now. I know the grandparents are all excited. They say you can’t come home again… but part of me never left.


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